Is Your Information Safe

by Marc Ross

With all news about the massive security problem caused by the Heartbleed virus, discovered earlier this month, which invaded thousands of computers from government systems to your retail and banking site. Now, another big security issue with Internet Explorer. How do you know if your information is secure.

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Random Password Generator by

Fortunately,there is a solution.  The first thing you’ll need to do is change all your passwords.  A daunting task to say the least.  In order to make this easier I offer you the following downloads. The first is  Password List, which is a custom page you can print to keep track of your new passwords.

Second, from is RPG, an excellent Random Password Generator you can download, and its FREE.  It not only creates random and secure passwords for you it is also a password locker where your passwords can be safely stored.  It will require a password, but remembering one new one to access all the others is a convenience.

However before you change all your passwords you need to check whether or not the site has fixed the Open SSL vulnerability. Most sites have by now.  To be sure you can either contact the site or perhaps look in any communications they might have sent or go to “Heartbleed Test ” .  Simply enter in the site you want to check and this site will test the servers of the site you entered to check if the vulnerability is still there or not.  If it check out, it’s safe to change your password.  If not I would call the company to see when they plan to get their servers patched and safe to use once again.

I suggest also using the site “Have I Been Pwned?” .  This site checks by email address or user name to determine whether or not  you are on the list of website breaches which have been made publicly available.  This will give you a good place to start.  Make sure these companies have solved the problem and make sure to change passwords for the sites listed.

Lastly, until Microsoft gets Internet Explorer’s security problems fixed I suggest PC users switching to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari  web browsers.

To read more about the Internet Explorer security issue click here or for more about the Heartbleed virus click here.

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