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10 Great Ways to Fail at Twitter


by Deb Amlen Tech Columnist Apr 10, 2014 Celebrities and corporations alike have been aggressively using Twitter, among other social media services, as a public relations medium for quite a while. But it’s growing alarmingly clear that, not everyone should be allowed behind the wheel of the social web without extensive — and in some cases remedial — training. And I’m […]

Facebook Traffic Generation Tips


With its over 700 million users, Facebook is a good place to start your traffic generation campaign. There are a number of blog or website promotion sources on this social networking site. Generating traffic from Facebook may not be that easy but if done correctly, can be so beneficial. Here are some tips on how […]

Google Has Developed Technology to Crack CAPTCHAs

By Jacob Kastrenakes, The Verge Google has cracked the CAPTCHA. In a paper published this week, Google researchers say that they’ve developed an algorithm that can accurately solve Google’s own CAPTCHA puzzles — those obfuscated jumbles of letters and numbers you type in on websites to prove that you’re human — with 99.8 percent accuracy, obviously posing […]

8 Incredible Tools To Boost Your Social Media Productivity


by Adam Connell | Mar 27, 2014 Social media related activities can take up hours of your time. And let’s face it, your time is precious. Fortunately there are plenty of tools on the market that can help save you time when it comes to managing your social media marketing. By utilising these types of tools correctly you […]