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FAQ: How Encryption Works And Why People Are So Freaked Out About It

Rob Pegoraro     (Photo by Rob Pegoraro/Yahoo Tech) Encryption has been all over the headlines after recent terrorist attacks, and the discussion can quickly get cryptic. Is “crypto” a fatal weakness of the Internet? An endangered species that must be saved? You can hear heartfelt testimony for either view from both Democratic and Republican politicians. […]

5 Tech Tips for Your Next Flight


by Lisa Eadicicco Even in those instances when your flight arrives on schedule and you’ve got plenty of foot space, flying can be exhausting — especially around Thanksgiving. Sitting next to a disruptive passenger or running out of reading material can ruin the entire experience. These tech tips will help make your next flight much […]

How to Monetize your Blog this Holiday Season

By Jamie Birch, Affiliate Window :: Planning work on your blog can be challenging enough at the best of times, but when it comes to winter sale peaks such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, often all plans and best intentions go out of the window.  It needn’t be this way though, it’s just about […]

How to become a web developer

Learn the fundamentals of the language you are interested in Pound your head against the wall Cry a little when you take on your first bug Ask for help on stackoverflow Learn pieces as you need them, don’t take on everything all at once Share your knowledge Be humble and always strive to learn more […]