5 Inexpensive Ideas to Promote Your First Product

:: By Hobbs Karg, Fueled ::

There are countless numbers of people who launch new products, but those who have a solid marketing strategy are the ones who become successful.

Being able to engage your current customers while appealing to potential target customers is the difference between success and failure. However, this is not an easy task to accomplish and promoting your product for the least amount of dollars spent is even harder. Here are a few creative and effective ways to obtain a strong product promotional campaign.


As of 2013 the crowdfunding industry has raked in over $5 billion, making it an increasingly popular way to promote your product. Crowdfunding is considered a win-win situation because it not only promotes your product, but also allows you to receive generous amounts of financial support for more product development. There are different platforms you can run your project on; for example, Tilt is an excellent option for those who want greater control over their campaign than some of the other platforms allow.


Creating a teaser campaign on major social media platforms before the actual conception of your product shows the social media world that you’re about to reveal something exciting. Regardless of whether or not the final product is identical to the teaser, you will still have developed important relationships across a multitude of social channels. These relationships will give you the chance to take your launch to a whole new level.


Hosting a giveaway is a wonderfully easy way to market your product launch. Everyone and their mother loves free gifts; you benefit by receiving a large amount of responses in a short period of time. Although giveaways will indeed attract people with little or no interest in your company other than the free things provided, the strategy itself has huge potential if you lay out clear objectives and requirements prior to the giveaway.


Potential customers can tell the difference between an ad you put together in five minutes with no clear direction and one that is visually appealing with a strong concept. That doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars on ad creation. You can order quality ads for as low as $5 on Fiverr, which offers services and products in graphics, design, and online marketing. Alternately, you can have a freelancer build your ads for you and the transparency of buyers’ reviews will allow you to choose the right seller.


There will be well-versed authoritative figures in your target market who have lots of followers, subscribers, and fans that automatically answer to any recommendation they make. Using services like Klout in addition to your influencers’ blogs and websites will diversify the outreach to audiences.

Every business has the ultimate goal of making the best choice when it comes to marketing their product. This can be a particularly expensive aspect of the promotional campaign. However, following these creative steps can lead you to an inexpensive and equally effective marketing strategy.