4 Viral Sharing Tactics For Your Product Launch Strategy

Recently, I was tasked with designing a marketing strategy for the launch of a new version of a product. Our main goal for the early stages of the launch was to get as many user signups as possible. Looking for a little inspiration, I researched how other tech companies tackle user acquisition during product launches. […]

How to See Yourself as the Web Sees You: 5 Tips


  Searching for yourself on the Web is not just an activity of the vain and shallow. It is an important tool in managing your career and your personal life. Think of it as looking at yourself in mirror before a job interview: There’s nothing wrong with checking for spinach in your teeth. Here are […]

Hints and Tips On How To Advertise Your Website

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This article is for website and blog owners who are looking for hints and tips on how to help promote their website and get it noticed. This article does not cover every aspect of how to promote your website, however it does give you some good starting points on which to build your online presence. […]

How Keyword Selection for SEO Can Go Horribly Wrong

Keyword research, planning and management are critically important for search engine optimization campaigns. Months before you start targeting the keywords, the entire team should understand the kind of phrases that will bring right kind of traffic in. People who visit the website should buy or at least subscribe to what you offer. However, it seems […]

5 Ways to Secure Your Web Browser


Which is the most secure Web browser? Google Chrome? Mozilla Firefox? Microsoft’s Internet Explorer? It’s a simple question—but the answer is a bit complicated. In a Fall 2013 poll, security-conscious browser users overwhelmingly voted Firefox as the most secure. But during the annual Pwn2own hacking contest in March 2014, Firefox was exploited four times with zero-day attacks, […]

Dashes or Underscores in URL for SEO


Not sure whether to use dashes or underscores in your website URLs? There is a difference, so read on. First of all, what is a URL? URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, and it’s just a fancy term for a web address on the Internet. For instance, http:://www..example.com/some-keywords-here..html, is an example of a URL. By […]

7 Digital Tools That Might Actually Ease Your Stress


Maybe, like me, you’re not so interested in getting entangled in a “happiness” app that’s more of a job than a mood lifter. But, still, we could all use a little stress relief now and then, right? Here are a few options that may come in handy: 1. Looking for a quiet place in a noisy city? Stereopublic, […]

10 Simple Tips to Avoid Identity Theft

By Fahmida Y. Rashid Credit: rangizzz/Shutterstock An unfamiliar bill. A call from a bank asking about unknown charges. Being turned down for a loan or an apartment because of red flags in your credit check. All these are signs your identity may have been stolen. Forms of identity theft include using stolen payment-card information to make […]