10 Ways to Spend Less on Marketing

Since marketing is a very creative activity there are always new and better ways to make an effective impact and attract sales, even with a small budget.  Here are some ideas to maximize your impact while minimizing your budget.


  • Make your content more visually appealing.  Do this by including images and using creative, eye catching layouts.
  • Improve your logo.  Logos can be boring, but great companies always have great logos.
  • Buy visibility on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.  This can be a pretty inexpensive, but enough to work for local and global markets.
  • Host an event or Social Contest.  This is a great way to generate publicity.
  • Send out a press release to you local media once a quarter or whenever you have valuable news to release.  Getting local news coverage isn’t that hard, and it attracts new business.
  • Find something simple and inexpensive you can offer along with your most popular products or services.  This is a great way to increase add-on sales.
  • Give coupons to encourage people to try your product or service, so that its qualities become obvious to them.
  • Offer a guarantee.  If you have a quality product or service, stand behind it.
  • Vow to never lose a customer.  Whenever you hear of a customer who’s upset, find out why and win them back.
  • Discover where you lose the most prospects or potential customers.  Concentrate your marketing at this point to convert more of them into customers.