10 FREE Ways to Market Your Business Online

Sometimes getting something for FREE seems too good to be true. How could you possibly manage a successful online marketing campaign without spending a penny of your, already limited, resources?

Easy, we took the time out to find the following services you’ll want to begin marketing your business online and it only cost a bit of your time a few hours a week.

1. Create a website

As a web designer myself, I understand the what all it takes to create a quality website. The time and cost of getting a website going can be over whelming. We also know you need to have a web presence.

That is the foundation of the DomainMonkee.com philosophy. Providing top tier hosting and domain services at a fraction of the costs of other providers. We also provide a FREE domain with every shared hosting plan.

By using our instant site maker or using one of our one click installation programs, WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magneto, etc.) you can get your site up and going in a very short time.

A great free alternative is WordPress.com They offer free websites as well as simple step by step instructions to create a stunning website to promote your business.

2. Get listed on search engines

There’s no easier way to be found online then to have your site listed on the search engines. Although over time your website will be found and indexed we suggest you take an active role in this process. Doing so manually helps to ensure search engines are serving your site as well as insuring what information is listed on the search.

Sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo prefer you directly submit your information. However there are services like entireweb.com who offer a free submission service. Their service also include a ton of SEO features but at an additional cost.

3. Get a Google “My Business” listing

Seeing how Google pretty much owns the search engine market, it only makes sense to make sure you have a business listing with Google My Business. A listing you control and can confirm its accuracy.

A resent survey from SearchEngineWatch.com 71% of customers research and find a business’s location long before they ever make a trip to store. 22% use their smart devices to lookup the location while on the way to the business. Of the 93% of people that double check a location before leaving the home, 73% of those loose trust in an online brand when their listing information is inaccurate. You can also submit images of your business and products as well as display positive reviews.

4.Get FREE online directory listings

Getting you information into certain specific and general online directories is a must. It not only provides more places for your customers to find you it also show Google that you are a presence and should be listed.

Based on your business there are both free specialty directories such as MedlinePlus.gov that only lists doctors and clinics. Other services like Manta, Yelp, and YP.com exist to make it easier for any business to be found by prospective clients in one single search site. Remember the more listings you have the more importance most search engines place on you site and the higher you may rank. ( Please stick to only white hat practices while doing this to prevent being put on the blacklist of any websites)

5. Venture into social media

Creating business accounts on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, etc. is absolutely FREE. By having a social mediacampaign in your marketing plan will have its advantages. Offering content and interacting with your customers and influencers  on social media could potentially keep your brand in the minds of you customers. Remember though the rewards you get from social media directly correlate to the time and energy you put into managing it.

6. Start a blog or vlog

Did you know having a blog as part of your website give you a 434% better chance of being ranked highly on search engines. Yes, you read that correctly 434%. B2B marketers that us blogs as part of their marketing plan pull in 67% more leads than those that don’t.* And with sites like WordPress.com and Blogger offering free blogging services there’s really no good reason not to have one.

Writing about your business can help you grow not only your audience but your credibility as a dealer and expert in your field. Your blog will give you the opportunity to write articles providing information but you can also include a public forum giving you the ability to ask questions and get feedback from your customers.

7. Follow and post to other blogs and forums

By following and posting to other websites may seem like a strange thing. However by writing for other blogs or by posting comments on blogs and forums you share your industry knowledge. This helps to influence readers to trust you, by providing valuable information when they need it. Invaluable!!

8. Use FREE email marketing services

Signing up with a FREE email marketing account with MailChimp you can send up to 12,000 emails per month while having 2,000 subscribers. More than enough for starting a email marketing campaign. This like social media and blogging does take time to create list content so keep this in mind when starting out.

9. Post videos to YouTube

One of the top FREE online video services YouTube allows for and incredible opportunity to not only share your product/service or other videos but you also have the opportunity to monetize your videos through the YouTube service.

Every time you upload a video be sure to use your social media accounts and email campaigns to alert your subscribers. You can also share your videos stored on YouTube directly on your website providing more content and resources to you audience.

10. List your events to online community calendars

Any publicity is good publicity to paraphrase of a famous witty aphorism said by Oscar Wilde. Think of this as another way of getting your name and brand into the minds of the masses. If you business hosts, is involved with, or sponsor any events getting them listed on community calendars guarantees to gain you some notice from clients you may not have been able to reach any other way.

Imagine the possibilities

These 10 FREE ways to market your business are just a starting point for your business without putting a dent in your budget. It would be crazy to not use free online advertising wherever you can get it.

Getting yourself or your business listed in as many different places and ways possible will not only get your name and brand in front of a wider audience, it provides credibility and will improve your ranking on the search engines. It will also help you gain a little experience in the online world creating opportunities for you to expand your efforts in the future.